Bongo Digital UK

Terms & Conditions

Scope of Services

Reach Sage (the “Company”) provides web design and digital marketing services to clients as outlined in the agreed-upon proposal or contract. Any additional services beyond the scope of the original agreement may incur extra charges and will be subject to a separate agreement.

Client Responsibilities

The client agrees to provide all necessary materials, content, and relevant information required for the project promptly. Delays caused by the client in providing such materials may impact project timelines and the Company’s ability to deliver services within the agreed-upon schedule.

Intellectual Property

The Company retains the intellectual property rights to all original work, including designs, content, and marketing materials, created during the course of the project. Upon full payment for services, the client is granted a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use the delivered work for its intended purpose.

Payment Terms

Clients agree to make payments as outlined in the proposal or contract. A deposit may be required before work commences. Payments not received within the agreed-upon timeframe may result in project delays or suspension of services. In the event of project termination, the client is responsible for payment of work completed up to that point.


Both parties agree to keep all project-related information confidential, including but not limited to proprietary data, business strategies, and financial information.

Project Revisions and Change Requests

The Company will accommodate reasonable revisions and change requests during the project, subject to the scope of work defined in the agreement. Significant changes outside the original scope may require additional fees and timeline adjustments.

Project Delays and Force Majeure

The Company will make every effort to adhere to agreed-upon timelines. However, delays caused by unforeseen circumstances, force majeure events, or client-related issues may impact project deadlines. In such cases, the Company will communicate revised timelines to the client promptly.

Third-Party Services

The Company may use third-party services or tools to facilitate web design and marketing efforts. However, the Company is not responsible for any issues or damages arising from the use of these third-party services.

Website Hosting and Domain

If the client requests the Company to handle website hosting and domain registration, the client is responsible for any associated fees. The Company is not liable for any issues related to hosting or domain services provided by external providers.

Termination of Services

Either party may terminate the project at any time for any reason with written notice. In the event of termination, the client is responsible for the agreed-upon fees for work completed up to the termination date.


The Company will not be held liable for any loss of revenue, business, or damages arising from the use or inability to use the delivered web design or marketing services.

  1. This offer is not available for one-pager websites.
  2. The free campaign does not incur a marketing fee, but Reach Sage retains control of the Google Ads account. The campaign setup will not continue once the ad spend is depleted unless you choose to continue our services.
  3. The website must be completed, and the fee paid in full before the campaign setup.
  4. As a client, you will have read access to the Google Ads account, allowing you to view reporting and statistics, but administrative changes are not permitted.
  5. You have the right to exercise creative control over the content in your ads. While we will offer advice, we reserve the right to reject decisions that violate Google Ads regulations since we utilize our own account.
  6. Reach Sage is not selling Google’s services; rather, we cover the cost for the first campaign up to £50.
  7. The fee for the free campaign is paid by Reach Sage and is not part of the Google Partners Service. We offer this incentive to encourage our customers to leverage the marketing tools available and achieve the desired results.


By availing this offer, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Experience the power of expertly managed Google Ads campaigns with Reach Sage and unlock your business’s full marketing potential.

By engaging Reach Sage for web design and digital marketing services, the client agrees to these terms and conditions. The agreement constitutes a binding contract between the parties, and any modifications must be made in writing and signed by both parties.